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  • SALGBA 2019 World Cafe
  • The Success of Value-Based Care Depends on Expert Translators
  • By: Paul Campbell
  • State and Local Government Benefits Association (SALGBA) collaborated with the Bush School of Government & Public Service at Texas A&M University to conduct a “World Cafe” event at its 37th annual national conference in Ft. Worth, Texas. The purpose of the World Cafe was to bring together over 40 healthcare representatives from a cross section of private and public sector backgrounds to discuss implementing Value-Based Care (VBC) initiatives. The concept of a World Cafe workshop is to create an environment where participants can think freely and express their thoughts and opinions without the restrictions of judgment and opposition. Healthcare representatives that participated in the World Cafe discussed the key challenges and opportunities of VBC initiatives for their state and local employee health plans.  There was broad consensus that VBC is a critical strategy to improve healthcare quality and reduce costs.  The group discussed a wide range of issues; the most prominent was that VBC initiatives will not advance quickly enough without buy-in from elected and appointed officials. There is a significant opportunity to build support among elected officials and move the needle with VBC.
  • To read the full article and papers written by the Bush School of Government and Public Service at Texas A&M University please view the links to the right.



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